For Parents

Clinkky helps manage money between parents and children. It is an efficient tool for financial organization and collaboration for all the family.

Giving money to children is about so much more than covering their needs and expenses: it is also about teaching money value and management.

Clinkky lets you program and distribute the money virtually, without having to give the child actual currency, but at the same time allowing them to live the experience of saving through their interactive piggy bank.

The funds are deposited into a bank account or any other method chosen by the adult in charge. All contributions and withdrawals are managed and approved by said adult.

With the help of scheduled tasks, the child can learn about the value of money, and reward. Tasks are created and scheduled by the adult. When a task is activated, the child receives a notification on their app. When the task is completed, the child can mark it as “complete”, and the adult verifies it. These tasks can be associated with a payment, but it also works for tracking effort and commitment on the child’s part, which can be rewarded with titles and badges.
When setting a goal, the child can focus their efforts in something tangible. Little by little, the child acquires the saving habit, learning to postpone the search for immediate gratification and generating the consistency required to achieve their goal.
The app comes with a guardian figure, a character who will guide and advise the child in respect to their savings, expenses and accomplishing their goals. Each time this guardian appears, they offer small capsules filled with financial education in the form of advice or ideas. The goal is for the child to start incorporating this knowledge in a playful environment and through a friendly figure.