Play, save, learn.

Clinkky App is a savings and financial education tool for children. They learn to value and manage money. They incorporate the concepts of effort, reward, collaboration and generosity, all in a playful learning environment!

What is financial education?
Clinkky Abuelo
Drag all the coins into the piggy bank
Tap the coins to put them in the piggy bank.


Clinkky is an ally in the education of the entire family. Not only the children learn to save!

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It’s a game, but it is also so much more: Clinkky encourages smart money spending.

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Pitch competition – Argentina
7 May, 2020

Clinkky gets the first place in the international pitch competition at the Universidad de San Andrés, Argentina. Thanks to Santiago Fork, Universidad ORT Alumni Manager…

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500 startups

From Uruguay to the world six startups had the big chance to test the San Francisco flavor as entrepreneurs in one of the most important…

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Clinkky is born
Incubation at Sinergia
First steps at Sinergia, a technological incubator in Montevideo, UY.
04/2018 Validation of the idea through ANII (National Agency for Investigation and Innovation)
Hackaton Itaú
Participation in the event for entrepreneurs organized by Itaú Bank
Summit CUTI
10/2018 Meeting of investors and early stage technological startups organized by the Uruguayan Chamber of Information Technology
Agreement with Vakinha
Agreement signed with partner Vakinha in Brazil
Development of the MVP
03/2019 Development of the minimum viable product begins
Usability Test
Testing of the first version of the app with children and adults.
Entrepreneur Passport – Endeavor
07/2019 Clinkky is selected to participate in the event 500 Startups in San Francisco, USA
Startup Week in Germany
The German-Uruguayan Chamber of Commerce and Industry invites Clinkky to get to know the German entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Call for investors – Fundraising
12/2019 Presentation of the project to potential investors. Result: larger investment than expected
500 Startups – Growth Hell Week
Clinkky's incubation at the 500 Startups event in San Francisco, USA
First version of the app
03/2020 Release of Clinkky's version 1.0
First market: Brasil
We publish the app in Brazil marketplaces


Marcelo Mundell

Marcelo Mundell



Marcelo Mundell Marcelo Mundell

Degree in Information Systems - MBA - Project Management - Business Developer

At Clinkky, I bring my experience as Project Manager and Commercial. I am very excited to be able to make my little contribution to the financial education of children.
I am the father of a beautiful girl who likes to save money and helps us testing Clinkky. I am passionate about music: I love listening to it, and I also love playing the guitar -very badly- and singing -horribly-, but it amuses me a lot! I enjoy being part of a thousand projects at the same time, but I also enjoy a good rest.

Jorge Expósito

Jorge Expósito



Jorge Expósito Jorge Expósito

Accountant - MBA - Financial advisor - University teacher

I’m the oldest on the team. And the one with the most kids. I dream of scoring a goal with the national soccer team in the World Cup final (yes, I have faith in myself) and also of learning to play the piano (most likely to happen first, but who knows, right?).
Due to my profession, in one way or another, I’m always involved in the financial world, so I contribute to the project from my experience in the field. Clinkky excites me for what putting technology at the service of financial education can mean for families. 

Juan Vázquez

Juan Vázquez



Juan Vázquez Juan Vázquez

Systems Engineer - Architect - Business Developer

I am a new parent, a great cook, kind of a polymath (I know about lots of different things), and I don’t have as good fishing skills as I would like. I like jumping from planes (only from those in perfect condition, of course).
I am the board advisor at Clinkky. I am passionate about this project because I consider it to be a tool with a high potential to influence, in a very positive way, social inequalities —that are the result of null or inadequate financial education.

Roberto Balaguer

Roberto Balaguer



Roberto Balaguer Roberto Balaguer

Master in Education - Psychologist - Speaker - Researcher

I am the designated cook at Clinkky’s barbecues. I have been a soccer lover since I was a child, and I’ve transmitted this feeling to my two boys.
When my colleagues reached me and told me about Clinkky, I thought: ‘This is the project I’ve been waiting for.’ I bring my clinical and pedagogical professional experience with children and also my knowledge of technology applied to education to Clinkky.

Alfonso Falconi

Alfonso Falconi



Alfonso Falconi Alfonso Falconi

Systems Analyst - UI/UX Specialist

I am the father of two children with whom I share a passion for urban gardening. I am also one of the top ten tennis players in the world -only in my dreams. I enjoy designing things with interesting people and learning along with them; that’s something I love about this project.
I design and coordinate the Clinkky project to transmit the money-saving experience to children (and why not, to grown-ups too).


Clinkky listens! Send us your question or request, and we will answer as soon as we can!