Clinkky is a savings app for children, to help them incorporate this habit in a playful and customizable way. There’s a piggy bank with which they can play and view their progress. The grandfather figure helps them incorporate the basic concepts of money management. Relatives and trusted adults can contribute to help them reach their goals.
It is a free app, you can download it both in Android and iOS.
Yes, that is basically what it is!
No, the money is not stored within the app. Savings will remain in the financial institution.
No, Clinkky is only a savings app.
The money contributed by relatives or trusted adults goes directly to the financial institution chosen by the adult in charge. Clinkky will show information about the money saved and movements of contributions received.
When an adult creates a Clinkky account, they will be shown a list of all available financial institutions.
The adult in charge is the one who makes the deposits. Additionally, they can invite other trusted adults to deposit. Within the administration application there is an option for the adult in charge to invite others to contribute.
No. Both actions are performed and authorized by the adult managing the profiles of the minors. When a child receives a contribution, the adult will have to authorize it before the child receives a notification.
Clinkky allows contributions to be made through approved payment channels. These can be transfers, debit and/or credit card.
When a child receives a contribution, they have the option to send a Thank You note. They just have to click on a button, and a message will automatically be sent to the person who contributed.
Yes, Clinkky has an option for the adult in charge to create and send a link that allows deposits to be made as birthday gifts.
Yes, the adult in charge of managing the profiles can configure tasks, indicating the frequency and the associated amount. Tasks can be suspended or modified at any moment.
Clinkky allows for both the adult in charge and the child to view received contributions and withdrawals. They can also view the goal progress.
No, the child saves toward a specific goal. Once reached, the child can set a new goal.
Yes, it’s been shown that many children save without looking for a specific goal until a certain amount has been reached. Choosing a goal in Clinkky is completely optional.
The child can request a withdrawal. The request will be received by the adult in charge, who will in turn withdraw the money from the account.
Clinkky establishes terms of service aimed at protecting information. It is stored and protected according to applicable laws.