For Kids

Clinkky App is a game, a piggy bank and a tool for financial education, all in one. Children learn to manage their money in a conscientious and responsible way, all while having fun!
La Chanchita
Piggy Bank

The piggy bank is our star. As the child saves, the piggy bank grows and shows all the coins the child has collected. In more advanced levels, the child can choose a new theme. And for special events, such as birthdays, Christmas, or losing a tooth, the piggy will dress for the occasion.

El abuelo
The grandfather

This friendly grandfather appears regularly and gives advice to the child about their savings, teaches them smart money management and helps them stay consistent and focused on achieving their goals. It also helps parents maintain a healthy relationship with children regarding their finances!


Choosing a goal helps motivate the child and strengthen their commitment. They set a goal, and the app will guide them through the process, showing them their progress, and how close they are to achieving it. When the goal is achieved, the child can ask the adult to withdraw the savings.

Momentos Mágicos
Magical moments

Clinkky does not forget about special dates: birthdays, Christmas, or even losing a tooth. These are all important events in a child’s life. The Piggy Bank lets you configure a congratulation and an optional contribution that will trigger on a specified date!

El abuelo

Clinkky notifies the child when they have a task to do, and reminds them if it’s still pending. Along with the grandfather figure, this task routine helps them understand the concepts of collaboration within the family, and the effort that earning money implies.