What is financial education?

Financial education, a tool for life

Nowadays, we give a lot of importance to the so-called soft skills, which are most needed when thinking about work in the present and the future. Knowing how to communicate, knowing how to work in a team, and being able to adequately manage emotional intelligence are crucial elements in the development of work.  

We parents are concerned that our children learn to develop skills that will allow them to function in the world, such as speaking different languages or even learning to program. However, we neglect a skill that is or will be necessary for life

No matter what they want to study or what they decide to do for a living, sooner or later, all young people will have to learn to deal with money. It’s a fact, and it’s inevitable. And yet society pretends to function as if this is not going to happen. Education still doesn’t address finances as crucial in life or as a clear determinant in the emotional health of families.

A savings app for kids

Most of the apps linked to youth savings have been aimed at the adolescent’s market and not at the children’s universe, which differs from the adolescent one in several aspects. Little has been studied about children’s savings from an academic point of view. That’s why at Clinkky Lab, we have studied children’s behavior linked to finances and extracted a few insights. And we have translated these conclusions, turning them into a children’s savings app, gambled and based on the scientific knowledge that exists today about children’s financial behaviors.

The strengths of Clinkky

Clinkky Lab has set out to understand the child’s mind, situations linked to saving, and the family system’s behavior around money and its management. 

Saving is a family matter. Until now, it has been thought of from an individual rather than a family perspective. However, we all know that the concept of saving transcends the individual. It is part of a system that encourages it – or not -, and that is why there are enormous differences between socioeconomic and cultural contexts.