What do parents say about a savings app? (I)

Our team at Clinkky ask themselves in what way can an app collaborate in the generation of saving behaviors? The answers are the reasons why we work with this app. What captures and reveals Clinkky’s team is the absence of a savings culture. That is why we work 24×7 investigating how to cultivate and promote the habit of saving from an early age. What is truly important is not the application but the child saving behaviors behind it.

In order to answer many questions, among other actions, a research project was carried out where the potential use of a savings application for children was investigated. The purpose was to evaluate some of the aspects related to the use of an application in generating savings behaviors. What are the behaviors to be promoted by the app? And what are the values? Clinkky seeks to promote savings behaviors that help money to recover its value, something lost in this era of programmed obsolescence and frantic consumption. In other words, as a surveyed mother confesses: “I want to give my daughters financial education!”

And that’s what it’s all about: educating in saving, incorporating and appropriating useful financial concepts for life. But step by step and respecting the decisions of adults so that everything takes place in a playful and trusting environment, despite how serious the topic is.
And as a father also points out: “Teach them as children that you have to take care of money because it is very difficult to earn it.” Clinkky works for that.