What are “Plus tasks”?

The child psychiatrist Natalia Trenchi in her book “Your children in the day to day”, states that when the family works as a team it is because children have already been guided and educated in the internalization of different types of tasks. They especially know that there are tasks that are not very pleasant, but they still have to be done.
But as they grow and gain independence, they may want to further explore their abilities and move on to activities that are not necessarily intrinsic to them, but that collaborate with the family team. Washing the car and mowing the lawn can be activities that can be done by children, but at the same time rewarded in a different way by parents. In this sense, they can be paid to receive money in exchange for its realization. Instead of taking the car to the laundry, it is the child who takes charge and receives compensation, as well as learning to take care of family assets. We call this type of task “Plus tasks” and that money can start to embark you on the path of saving and evaluating your expenses.