The power of ‘StopToThink’

In a reality intoxicated by consumerism and the desire for immediate gratification, we present to you the unmatched power of StopToThink. This is simply pausing to reflect, evaluate and not get carried away by our consumer drive. Hence that requires a certain sequence.

How do we control the spending desires that dominate our children?

First, let’s examine whether it is an aspiration or a need. Then, let’s evaluate if it is possible to buy it used or borrow it, and thus help to pollute the planet less, or if it is truly essential that it be new. Finally, let’s also calculate if there is no possibility of waiting until the discount season and buying it at a discount.
As we behave and acquire the habit of StopToThink, our children will be able to incorporate it naturally, as an habit. And like any habit, the smaller they are, the easier it is to integrate it into their routines. And the more they do it, the better it will turn out, because as the famous phrase says: “practice makes the master”.