The natural characteristic of desires

“Mom, I want you to buy my pencils, and I also want to go to the movies, and I really want to have the computer game, and.., and…”. Does this type of “wish list” sound familiar to you? Yes, of course, it is the human being and his own characteristic: having infinite wishes and needs but living in a world where resources are generally limited, such as water, land and money. That is a basic notion of economic science that parents should teach our children. And beyond the good management of the resources that children can do, it is good that as adults we get to know about the natural characteristic of desires. Within a desire there is the seed of another desire, and so on. That goes on until arriving at a list that tends to infinity. Some of those dreams may come true, some others will not. And our children have to be prepared to enjoy the fulfilled desire and to become frustrated by those not obtained. Life is about that: trying to reach a full state of well-being in that equation.