Savings on the brink of a nervous breakdown

When we are children we sometimes receive a certain amount of money. This comes to us, sometimes, as a gift from Santa Claus, a birthday gift or as a recognition for a certain achievement. One of the most important habits when trying to incorporate saving behaviors is setting aside a sum of the money I receive and not allocating everything to expenses. It is vital at this early age to acquire the habit of always setting aside a portion to save; the rest can be spent on a toy, a walk, a wish that has long been fulfilled. When we do not allocate a part of what we receive to our savings, the latter feel on the verge of a nervous breakdown, because they well know that excess… never excesses. Thus, if it is not set aside when it is received, the chance of saving something is almost nil.

The culture of saving is breathed in our homes since we begin to make contact with money. As long as healthy habits like always reserving a portion of a received sum accompany us, it will be easy in adult life to continue to do so. It will become an unquestionable routine and our children, sooner or later, will thank us for such teaching.