On every birthday to be celebrated, we plan together to remember

Crisis times are also good opportunities to learn and rethink some practices. Now that it is necessary to preserve health and comply with the pandemic protocols, it is possible to point out that the children rethink their birthday celebrations and become more involved in their own commemorations, managing from the number of friends to be invited at home to the games that could entertain them . And an important facet in which they can get involved is the party budget.

From Clinkky, it is perceived as a unique occasion to be able to make children be part of this plan, adapted to their reality and their understanding. They could apply mathematics and calculate the food and beverages that will be needed, look up their prices, make a spreadsheet and make decisions such as whether the gift will be a piñata or a surprise for their friends who attend.

The path of financial education start from an early age. While children collect learning memories with their parents, these experiences can be replicated in the medium and long term.