More moments, less elements

Many consumers frequent shopping malls to satisfy their basic needs. On the other hand, others will consume to have a good time in some moment of loneliness and / or sadness and will achieve a period of satisfaction.

But what happens after the effect of the immediate material gratification wears off?
They will come back to look for it. And so on, because material goods never fully satisfy the human being.

And this happens because we are human beings and we need to nurture our relationships, we need presence, attention and dedication. And those who need a lot of this and learn to nurture their relationships by seeing the example in the adults in charge are the children. The children whose role models are parents who consume material goods and not moments and experiences, end up learning that things are more important than people, and they do not learn to relate well with their peers, but with material items.

Parents who work excessively to give their children a better education or the dream trip, enter a way of life difficult to abandon because they contract infinite financial obligations. And to fulfill them they end up distancing themselves from their children because the day has 24 hours and they spend more time fulfilling these financial duties than with their children. When we educate it is necessary to think in the medium and long term and being parents is to be role models. At Clinkky we encourage you to carry backpacks for unrepeatable moments with family and / or friends and not for material objects that age in less than what could be calculated.