Mommy, how do grandparents do if they don’t work?

The interaction of children with their grandparents is undoubtedly enriching. Grandparents tell stories about parents, spoil and even be accomplices of little pranks. But as children grow up and begin to understand some logic such as the effort-work-pay cycle, questions arise.

How do grandparents shop at the supermarket if they don’t go to work like their parents?

From Clinkky we are grateful when these questions came up, they are the best moments to learn, there is interest and excitement in knowing everything. And in a simple way it can be explained to the children: “in the same way that you set aside money every time you receive a sum, the grandparents set aside every year while they worked. We, as parents, do it every month too; so While you are of working age, you are raising a significant amount for the day you become a grandfather.” Just as being a grandson, father and grandfather follows a cycle in nature, setting aside for retirement must be naturalized and simple to incorporate.