Make the invisible visible

The human condition is difficult to dissociate from the material condition. The human being is flesh and blood, with shape, weight and volume. In this sense, when something that is relevant is not visible or has physical mass, it is much more difficult to assess. And the path that leads to the culture of savings is quite invisible, because it must be built, it must be fed. It takes time to get into the habit of saving.

At Clinkky we seek to build a culture of savings and a good tool is to join our #savingsAsAGift movement. They are the small incentives that will lead the little ones to experience the construction of their first savings. It is important to walk along the path together with them and not to lose sight of what you want to achieve, set goals and focus your energies on achieving them. And then, when the habit is insatalled, they will be more autonomous and responsible in making their financial decisions at any age