Lights on, again!

How many times as parents do we exclaim this? And almost immediately we think: do you know who pays the bill at the end of the month? Do you know where the money will come from? And what about the other bills at the end of the month? But the real question is even deeper. We should ask ourselves how much of the effort-work-pay cycle they know about. How much we have allowed them to know so that they can value the money that arises from our hours of work, training and dedication and thus educate them so that in the future they also value their own effort.
The remuneration we receive is the result of our effort. And if we waste or ignore that amount, we will also be throwing away our value and our work. And this is what we will be transmitted to our children if the light stays on or the tap remains open without any assertive objection.
We encourage you to talk with your children to understand that when the light is unnecessarily on, for us parents, is almost synonymous with not appreciating the effort of our work. And the same way we applaud their efforts in the studies, we hope that our work, which brings money to, among other purposes, pay the electricity bill, will be valued.