Let’s spread… the care of finances

Contagium in Latin is a word composed of the prefix con-, the suffix –ium of neuter nouns and the heart of the word is transmitted by “tango”, synonymous with playing. In short, it is the action of touching, and when we touch we can infect. And, figuratively speaking, we can spread enthusiasm, joy and desire to do something. That is why at Clinkky we encourage our readers to spread the care of finances. And the questioning word comes to mind in seconds, and how do we do it?

A good way is with the example that we give to our children, grandchildren and all the children that surround us, in how we adults take care of our finances. Show them on a day-to-day basis that the money resource is finite and that therefore it is necessary to manage it. In the same way that we cannot eat a whole cake at once, we divide the funds to be able to use them little by little and for different purposes. And how we transmit that relationship we have with finances is essential. A healthy relationship where, like water and time, for example, they are cared for and managed to obtain good results.