Less is more

Walk, run, go up, go down. Seven days a week. How many pairs of shoes should we have? And so with an endless list of items that we consume daily. And once consumed and spent, they become part of a mountain of waste generated by our various activities. Less consumption is lighter for the environment.

We consider it essential to exchange these basic notions of responsable consumption with our children. How many times do they ask us for one more pair of shoes, one more toy for the collection? And how many times do you thoroughly evaluate that need for consumption as well as its final disposal, which every day pollutes the world in which we live. When we share a family dinner or a weekend walk, there are topics that can be put on the table. Discussing the different points of view and understanding that less is more can be of great help when faced with an unresponsable consumption situation.

Undoubtedly a mosquito can ruin a pleasant summer night. In the same way, a grain of sand contributed by us also makes a difference. We trust that these family talks can transform our children into responsables consumers.