“Haste kills” (Berber proverb)

Clinkky’s #givesavings movement comes very well accompanied for this Christmas. And one of these companies is the waiting practice. Saving not only has an end in itself but also teaches us to cultivate the benefits of waiting, among other virtues. In the Berber culture, North Africa, one of the most common sayings is “Haste kills” because many of our actions must be thought and evaluated. When we are presented with the possible purchase of a carpet in Morocco, for example, the Berbers spread their calm, serve tea and invite potential buyers to take a seat, evaluate the varieties and choose in a calm and thoughtful way. And this is not a marketing strategy because they apply this habit in various areas of daily life.

Therefore, for this Christmas, join our movement, join #givesavings and give your children a gift for life. Learning to save and learning to wait has never been so easy and fun.