Get off the autopilot… let’s start saving with the kids

A new year has begun and brought many dreams and hopes. From Clinkky we know that every dream becomes a reality if it is a specific, measurable, achievable, relevant goal and there is a date stipulated to fulfill it. The chances of achieving it greatly increase if it is written. Different studies indicate that there is a 60% greater chance of reaching a goal when we write it down.

That is why we invite you today to write and stipulate what savings goal our children can have for this year, this first semester, this first month. We can summarize it and transform it into a password to write it more often and not forget it. And always taking into account the abc of savings: it is what I must compulsorily separate when I receive an income before I start spending. So, let’s write down what amount we will be setting aside, every month in advance, and if it is destined for a goal, even better because it will be an ally on the path of saving.