Do not leave for tomorrow what you can teach today

From an early age our children begin to incorporate habits thanks to our perseverance and unconditional dedication. Bathing, brushing their teeth, taking care of their belongings, being tidy, helping with simple household chores… an endless list. However, among many parents there is still a reluctance to try and teach on one topic: money management. THese are “protective” parents who do not consider some key aspects.

How many times did you use a payment method in the last 48 hours? Yes, more than once for sure. Money and its handling are inevitable. And even so, many parents still think that it is unnecessary and / or inappropriate for their children to become familiar with such a daily and everyday matter. When we do not learn to deal with certain issues early, then it is more difficult to incorporate them into adult life in a healthy and natural way.

Today you can explain your child that the effort of your work, which you like and satisfy, is the means that allows them to access food and other necessities. They can also decide, together, what dream they want to fulfill and evaluate the financial cost it has to start saving and achieving it. Let’s not put off until tomorrow what we can teach our children today, in practice and with our support. They will learn to relate in a healthy way with money and will be less likely to live with financial problems.