Dad, mom, I have a dream…do I need a plan? (II)

We need a plan to successfully guide our children to fulfill their dreams. So it is important do it designing a SMART plan. Specific and Measurable, items discussed in the previous column. And also use the Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass to investigate with our little ones all the possible alternatives to buy that toy.

It is also essential to study with them if the proposed goal is Achievable and how we will do it. Then, we will focus on the Relevance the goal has for our children, the importance of playing with that object, what sensations and emotions they imagine they will have, and again take note of all this. Finally, it is important to draw with them a time line during which they will be setting aside the resources to gather the necessary sum in order to materialize their dream (to buy that toy).

It is essential to convey them that this journey will be pleasant, otherwise the focus of the goal may be lost. They should never feel that they are giving up a present consumption because they are following a plan to fulfill a dream and accompanied throughout the journey.