Dad, mom, I have a dream… do I need a plan? (I)

Having a plan is essential. When adults save, we are setting aside money for a future project. We do it to generate an emergency fund, for our retirement, etc. When our children do it, it is to fulfill a dream and it becomes essential to guide them. A good tool to accompany them in this process is the SMART goals. This tool reminds us that a goal must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and fulfilled at a certain time. The key is that our kids, as they set aside money to make their dreams come true, learn to develop this method.
So, if they are setting aside to buy a toy, we must will first help them identify the toy, describe its characteristics. Then, what sensations it will make them feel and leave all this written down. Next step we will seek to measure this objective by finding out a reference value of the mentioned item. And keep in mind: always writing everything down, you will have a much better chance of being respected and reached.
And here we add an additional mission: research. New or used? Are we waiting for the discount season? We invite you to reflect and add questions that broaden the Sherlock Holmes that we carry inside. In the next column, we will continue to address the missing ART letters. And be careful, this is not an art, it is a habit, the sooner our children learn and apply it, the healthier their financial life will be.