Byke tomorrow or candy today?

If as adults, we get children from an early age to incorporate mental accounting strategies, they will be better decision makers regarding money. and will later enjoy their financial well-being. Let’s think together: the boy wants a new bicycle because he has grown and wants to go faster. Does his research and finds out the value of a new one is a high figure. But, if we help him to think in terms of mental accounting, he will see it in another framework and it will be easier for him to realize his dream.

When classes begin, the daily expenses of associated items such as snacks, sweets, and the list goes on, also begin. But if they are able to give up these expenses on a daily basis, they will be able to reach the goal of a new bicycle in a certain period of time. And giving up a snack that you can make at home or a treat that doesn’t support oral health can be tempting in exchange for a new bike. Let’s help the little ones to think in large sums of money and put them in terms of small daily resignations not representative for their day to day. When you achieve your dream, your self-esteem will increase and your overall well-being will grow as well.