2021 it is still an opportunity… to learn to save!

People “learn by doing”. You learn to make bread by kneading. You learn to build a wall by lifting it, and you learn to save by saving. And since money is a medium that we use for many purposes, our children are not strangers to this exchange. They incorporate it and naturalize if they are well guided by adults.

The important thing is that they learn to manage money using it in a healthy and formative way. We can direct them and suggest to them that every time they receive a sum of money that the Mouse Pérez left it or because it was the birthday present from their grandparents, they set aside half to save and the other half to spend. Encourage them to take note of the amount they saved, the date and also the expense they made. Thus, our children will be incorporating the habit of saving and learning the basics of a budget with their own experiences. In short, they will be learning by doing.