2021 Commitment. We learn and save with Clinkky

Who has not heard intentions of the type: “I should exercise” or “I should start the diet”? They are undoubtedly good goals, but the truth is that very few of the spokespersons actually achieve them. The good thing about these statements is that they show us that we are open to adopting strategies to help us achieve these goals. The negative part is the difficulty in executing those plans.

The same happens with saving. It is not enough to have the intention, you have to create the spaces and the times to do it. Clinkky can be a good tool to train savings behaviors with your kids.
Clinkky is the strategy for your children and / or grandchildren to get used to saving, in a fun, agile and safe way. It is necessary that as adults we do not put it off any longer and we do not fall into the powerful inertia that plays against us.

So once you finish reading these lines, take a few minutes to commit in advance to 2021 and download Clinkky app on all your familiar devices. Start the year with a family commitment: we learn and save.

A child who incorporates the saving habit from childhood is an adult responsible for his personal finances, a citizen who will contribute to the development of the nation and possibly a happier person.